2TouchPOS Professional Services

2TouchPOS has both the expertise and resources required to satisfy your present and future needs. Our professionals can provide your establishment all of the required planning, implementation of hardware and software, user training and maintenance of the solution necessary to assure you of a successful implementation that will continue to provide robust financial benefits over the long term.


Who We Are

2TouchPOS Software

We provide you with a high quality business software that establishes procedures, tools to review data, and factors to base business decisions upon.

What We Do

Drive Processes

High performance point of sale technology that drives process. When you use 2TouchPOS you are establishing YOUR daily business operation processes.


Get the Edge!

As 2TouchPOS technology advances so does your system! Upgrades are straightforward and offer new technological components that are designed to keep your system operating at peak performance.

WE Get it Done!

  • Software Installation Services

  • On Site Installation Support when requested

  • System Configuration from your lists- employees, positions, menu configuration and settings

  • Report Configuration

  • Go Live Support

  • Next Day Q&A

  • Support Plan Options

  • Purchase Options

  • much more...

High Performance Point of Sale Technology

That's fast, easy to use Get 2Touch, #GetTheEdge!


Our Values

Xenios establishes relationships with clients and suppliers based on integrity, honesty and respect.  Our technical team operates with creativity, innovation and openness when implementing or servicing a solution.  The Xenios team strives to build long-term relationships with clients based on fairness, appreciation, loyalty and fun.  We  believe in delighting our clients through solutions that provide peace of mind and freedom to live your life.  These values are guiding principals on how we strive to operate our business.

Our Mission

We are Business Control Systems experts and we know many Hospitality Professionals are consumed by issues involving sales receipts, order processing, cash handling, credit card processing and inventory control. Our mission is to be the best in the world at providing high performance computing technology that's fast, easy to use and generates record profits.

"At 2TouchPOS we have dedicated ourselves to identifying, resolving and preventing the operational frustrations of Bars, Restaurants and Nightclubs.  For that reason, we have developed the best high performance Point of Sale technology to enhance the speed of your service, control of your business, and profits you generate".

Operations Team

Our Staff Line-UP!

2TouchPOS has a cohesive Operations Team working every day 24/7 to keep you up to date and moving forward.

Eric Elwell- A former real estate investor and mortgage broker had an interest in business consulting. As a result, Elwell founded Small Business Systems LLC in 2002 and expanded in 2005 when he acquired the Microsoft Corporation Business practice of Mengel, Metzger Barr and Company LLP and began to focus on POS systems. In 2009, Elwell acquired 2TouchPOS and the rest is history.

Kevin Bolton brings 23 years of full life cycle software development, consulting, and sales experience to our fulfillment department. Kevin sets the standards for service.
Steve Zigmund- Steve is one of our original developers and has been working for 2TouchPOS since the very beginning. “My goal was to develop a system that is user centric and this goal is still relevant today”. Steve is an entrepreneur, owns his own business, and has a team in Mansfield Ohio.
Cathie Graus- Cathie has been with 2TouchPOS for over 8 years. Her expertise in managing matters for 2TouchPOS goes beyond her title. “I have enjoyed working with our accounts for almost a decade. Knowing how manage the team is always priority number 1”!
Alyssa Hedges- Key to operations Alyssa has been with the 2TouchPOS Team for over 6 years. “My experience in working with customers has been rewarding”.

Brandon Baker has over 10 years of technical management & leadership with a strong background in the information technology field. Brandon's day-to-day focus is on customer service to ensure a seamless delivery of all orders.