How BarTouch Became 2TouchPOS™

Our roots in the restaurant point of sale industry originated in a bar. The idea started in early 2000 when a Bevinco Service Representative and Steve Zigmund, (one of our software developers), were talking over a few beers at a local watering hole.

How powerful it would be for bar owners to have an easier to use point of sale system? It would be so awesome to have an efficient system that was made for quick transactions.

There it was; the idea for 2TouchPOS™ originated! Zig, (as we like to call him), was inspired; he brought the message back to the office. Knowing the team was a group of “experienced restaurateurs” they were excited about the idea; and few months later they gave birth to version 1.0 of what was then called Bar Touch.

If you were looking for a POS built in an ivory tower, Bar Touch was not it. Instead, we asked the users and the owners what they needed their system to do, and we gathered their feedback. For a decade we collected research; and today we still ask our customers for their input! So bottom line; the system works the way bar owners told us they want it to work, rather than being developed by the guys in the ivory tower who are isolated from the actual users.

The result is a point of sale system that is easy to use and that bar owners love! Of course, over the years we have expanded our expertise to include additional venues. We have evolved our software the same way we built Bar Touch, through our customer feedback and technological trends. Now we are 2TouchPOS™. Fast, Easy and Powerful. Our customers love our system and so will you. Our motto is "Speed- Control- Profit”. We know how fast you need to change and evolve your business to keep your customers satisfied and that is what we do.


2TouchPOS™ is everything you need; manage YOUR Business !

With simple; intuitive User Interface