Why is keeping up with my tax records important?

Despite the expenses that come with owning your own restaurant, bar or nightclub; there are a number of tax saving strategies that can be employed that will help owners take advantage of breaks while staying compliant with tax authorities. Paying attention to the details will save owners a great deal of time, frustration and money.  Make sure that you understand the tax requirements of your locality and state. If you operate multiple locations this is even more important! Even if you have a professional working with your business, YOU need to make sure that your are up to date so that you can keep track of the important financial implications that impact all respective parties involved in YOUR Businesses! The 2TouchPOS system has created processes to capture data, compile numbers, and complete automations that accurately aggregates the data required by the local and federal agencies. We have created an informational Tax Sheet that provides details regarding how 2TouchPOS has set up processes and automates advantageous features.

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Good record keeping of course is the first step toward the profitable management of your restaurant. The same rings true for reporting and paying your business taxes! Inaccurate or irregular records makes it impossible for you to know how your business is doing and usually prevents you from identifying inaccuracies with your tax totals. Concurrently this can prevent a timely correction of any problems that may occur with your ability to accurately pay your taxes. Make sure you are capturing all of your activities, for example; your cash in and cash out transactions! To learn more about 2TouchPOS and how we can help you do that; contact an account representative today!
It is highly recommended that you hire a professional familiar with the restaurant industry. Make sure your personnel are experienced and able to catch problems before they rise. The more experience in the restaurant business your financial professional has;  the better off you and your business are!
The answer is YES, and we have a tipping data entry capture tool that YOUR tipped employees can use when they clock out! We suggest that you set the 2TouchPOS system up to capture this information!
With 2TouchPOS there are many options for setting up and organizing the various different kinds of taxes that your business is obligated to pay! 2TouchPOS can take care of calculating the correct amounts automatically. 2TouchPOS also provides report data for YOUR financial professionals!

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