This is an Introduction to 2TouchPOS!

Below you will find three videos to give you a flavor of how your staff will primarily interact  with 2TouchPOS. These videos represent some of the most common tasks performed by Bartenders, Servers and Managers.

Of course we have an ever growing library of videos on YouTube to help make your job easier. Some videos are great for training new employees; some are great for learning how to configure the system to adapt to your business practices and some are great at introducing you to new strategies and tactics to increase your guest check averages and contribution margin.

You can get to our YouTube Channel by clicking here!

Manage Your Establishment

Watch This Video for a Demo of:
  • Managing Your Menu
  • Running Pricing Specials
  • Managing Your Credit Card Activity
  • Running Reports

Business Controls for the Bartender Position!

Watch This Video for a Demo of :
  • Fast Cash Payment
  • Fast Credit Payment
  • Tab Management
  • Speed of Service
  • Increased Productivity

Using 2TouchPOS as a Server!

Watch This Video for a Demo of:
  • Creating a New Check
  • Adding to a Check
  • Splitting Checks
  • Use Course lines
  • Fire
  • Hold
  • Transfer to a Tab
  • Transfer to a Table
  • Transfer to a Server


2TouchPOS is everything you need; manage YOUR Business !

With simple; intuitive User Interface