Lose YOUR Dupe Ticket?



Where is Your Order? Don't Know?


On a Busy Night Lose YOUR Ticket and Lose YOUR Mind!!!


Where's the Ticket?!


Lose your Mind? Hey,  if that is the case sorry.  Lose your Guest Check? You’ve come to the right place. We can fix that! For years, servers wrote their orders on carbon paper and kept them in a book.  The Dupe Ticket would then go to the chef who would read the check and make the order.  Well, read the check if they could…and with those two copies one in the servers pocket and one on the line; kitchens made the dinners. (Bars made their drinks.)

Every establishment has specific protocols for order making if you know that your entrée should have arrived in 20 minutes and if it has been past that, then the server should check with the chef and follow up on that order. If you are handwriting, your orders then get your pen ready you have to write a second draft!




Don’t FREAK out Just Re-Print and GO!


Servers and Bartenders can reprint their orders.  When the kitchen needs a copy;  a manager, the server or bartender can access the tab and reprint it. 


Your biggest job is timing of your orders.  Make a point of learning how long it takes to prepare any given dish so that you know what to expect.  If your meals don’t come when you think they should, then tell your manager.  Using a Point of Sale System assists with communication, replacing lost orders and improving communication between the Front of the House and Back of the House Staff.




The Next Day


Still Looking for a tab that you just can’t seem to find?  Here we go again! If you are still writing your orders on check dupes you may have a real issue.  You can call your server and see if perhaps they took a Guest Check home in their pocket.  You can ask the Bartender if one of their checks could have slid between the cash register and the cooler counter but even with all of your efforts; you probably won’t be able to find those.


Your inventory and manpower are two of your greatest assets.  They are also your greatest expense. Using 2TouchPOS strategically places emphasis on these two factors.  Let us help you to take the “what if “out of those moments where you can make your most money.  Own it.  Own 2TouchPOS so that you can reprint your orders and give your chef something they can read interpret and act upon.  Another great function that 2TouchPOS DOES for you! 


  • So if an order book was accidentally left in the ladies room, or the chef dropped the ticket during the dinner rush the order would not get made. Use the  2TouchPOS system to provide a method for you to recover original orders; everything you have is in the system and orders from tabs can be reprinted.



2TouchPOS is everything you need; manage YOUR Business !


With simple; intuitive User Interface