Excessive Man Hours? No MORE read YOUR Reports to Monitor your Time and Labor!

2TouchPOS Employee Module

Your General Ledger is Calling… and 2TouchPOS has the Answer!



Collect Employee Data


With 2TouchPOS you’ll have an accurate way to collect shift and hourly time keeping information for your employees. Not ONLY that but you’ll have reports that you can actually understand!

Employee name, and contact information is set up in the system along with position description and the position hourly wage. Additional information regarding the employee would include tip distribution, email information and preferred shift records.




Use 2touchPOS DataKey and have your payroll preparation company complete automatic downloads to get your payroll done ahead of time.


With 2TouchPOS Reports you will simplify the payroll process, get to know who worked and when, and set up your system to monitor employee hours so that you can make sure that your employees do not have excessive overtime hours.


Time and Labor Management


Did your employee forget to clock in? Take a minute to fix that before your shift gets busy. With 2Touch the manager logs into any terminal where they can then access the employee management module time management area and clock the employee in or out!


Your payroll is one of your businesses biggest expenses. Let 2TouchPOS make tracking time and labor information an accurate and routine process.

  • Use 2Touch to capture tip declaration and have your records updated in real time. You can use 2TouchPOS to email time and labor reports. You can print employee reports and additional information to be included in the shift end paperwork.



2TouchPOS is everything you need; manage YOUR Business !


With simple; intuitive User Interface