Reduce and Eliminate Opportunities for Theft at YOUR Bar or Restaurant with 2TouchPOS!

Does YOUR Establishment Suffer from Theft?

More than likely yes; It does! There is a COST when doing business in the food and beverage industry. It is estimated that every establishment experiences theft.  The International Association of Surveillance Professionals or IACSP claims that the amount is up to five cents on every dollar! That would mean for your establishment an estimated 5% of YOUR profits has already been used up just by being in business and, hiring staff to work for you.



Your Vulnerable ASSETS are:

  • Cash
  • Opportunities for concealment
  • Consumable inventory
  • Lack of control over managed activities
  • Employees knowing they are not being monitored
  • Inadequate financial control
  • Guest walk out/refusal to pay
  • No disciplinary policy explained to the staff.


There is a lot that goes into creating a POS System. One consideration that has been included with our software is the concept of controlling employee processes, transactions, and cash. Our developers have worked to create controls to eliminate excessive access to cash,  and to prevent transaction fraud.

OK;  So…What exactly can 2TouchPOS do to reduce and maybe even Eliminate Theft? Here are a few Examples:

  • Limit the number of employees who have access to the cash drawer.  2TouchPOS functions in a manner that provides your establishment with protocols that allow your business to operate with full functionality without each employee accessing the cash drawer. If a staff member needs cash they see a manager or; designee to get change and to handle cash for them.  Before hiring employees who will have access to cash, check references and include a previous employer screen before placing the staff member in that position. 

  • And for those staff members that do have access to cash;  2TouchPOS provides a process that monitors their transaction history so that managers and owners can identify when an employee is committing “fraud”. Some signs that an employee handing cash is committing fraud includes; excessive use of the No Sale button, constantly making change, transactions cancelling, removing the drawer and counting the drawer away from cameras, pocketing cash. Excessive voids, unapproved comps any transactions that are not recorded are all indicators that an employee may be “dipping into the till”.   2TouchPOS can include a report on how many times the No Sale button was used, and reports that clearly show comps,  spills,voids, and when they occurred.




    2TouchPOS is everything you need; manage YOUR Business !


    With simple; intuitive User Interface



    • The 2TouchPOS System offers operation controls which encourage the business owner to initialize the cash drawer before it is used and when the shift ends. There are reports that have been designed to capture the exact money count broken into denominations, so that the shift work can be analyzed and problems can be identified.

Use the 2TouchPOS Operational Format to SECURE YOUR Assets!