Use 2TouchPOS to Increase Transaction Speed


Master Transaction Speed Using the 2TouchPOS System

2TouchPOS has several ways to increase transaction speed. Planning the menu well in advance with all of the modifier options is one way that 2TouchPOS makes it simple and intuitive to place an order. Using the 2TouchPOS software on an Updated Computer also ensures that your software will respond effectively and will process your order quickly even when it’s busy. Using the quantity functions, reorder option, and the order last round function all can contribute to order efficiency.


Your Speed Screen

Use it for YOUR top 40!


We like to be able to say that you can place your 40 top menu items right on your 2TouchPOS speed screen. When we add the 40 top selling menu items, they are grouped together and color-coded allowing you to find your items with ease. You can fill the speed screen or organize your items by categories and space selections out. Whatever your staff need to be organized and effective. Have the speed screen configured for your staff and just ask the 2TouchPOS technicians, they can provide suggestions.

With 2TouchPOS

The Possibilities are ENDLESS!

The 2TouchPOS system is set up so that users find the items quickly. Since we are in the business, we realize that each employee might need quick access to completely different menu items. For example, the lunch server would need access to the lunch menu items. Tuesday during the Beers Around the World monthly special you will want the beer list right on your Speed Menu to organize the menu items that you know will sell the most during that evening. 2Touch is flexible and can offer your establishment endless options regarding the configuration of your speed screen layout.

Create a Schedule

Attach to your Job Position!

Once the speed menus are configured the way you need them to be; you can create a schedule and attach the speed screen layout to a server, bartender or other restaurant position. Whatever you need to make order option use faster can be set up and timed in advance. With 2TouchPOS your configuration options are infinite.



Transaction Speed According to YOUR PLan!

That’s one way to make it easy for your employees to find what they need and use most often. When your employee logs in with the position that you configured during the time that you set; the speed screen that your staff need will be ready to use. The possibilities are endless. Speed Screens can be set up to organize your categories or menu items as well.

Another set it and forget it feature brought to you by the developers at 2TouchPOS!



2TouchPOS is everything you need; manage YOUR Business !


With simple; intuitive User Interface