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Using the 2TouchPOS system to STOP YOUR Bartenders from Over Pouring!

If You’re still deciding which POS system your planning to use, at the very least implement a Point of Sale System that has some inventory monitoring capabilities. When your Bartenders are busy, the 2TouchPOS System can adapt easily to the various drink recipes and how much liquor is in a cocktail so that the drink has the correct charge attached to it for your customer. 2TouchPOS is an adaptable system with options that can be used to up charge when your bartender has used a higher than average pour when making the beverage. You can opt to select a double (dbl) or, add a specific glass size so that it is easy to charge the correct price for liquor used. When you have 2Touch and your bartender over pours there is no problem maintaining the correct charges for your drinks.



With the 2TouchPOS system there are a number of new strategies that make it easier for bar owners to track their inventory and see exactly where it is going. 2Touch Point of Sale (POS) has features that allow you to capture your sales information, review sales history and employee transactions to get a 360 view of consumption. This means that it is now possible (if you have the proper controls in place) for you to link a specific liquor type to one or two of your bartenders by previewing the sales history.

If you take inventory before a busy event and then after, you will have a good idea of whether or not what you used is what you should have used; or if your employees over poured. 

Now, if you have a bartender that is chronically over pouring, you will be able to see this reflected in the fact that their bottles are not converting into the proper number of drinks sold. Although some amount of loss is acceptable, the truly gross over pours should stop. In addition, the mere fact that bartenders know that bottles can be tracked to specific individuals through sales transaction history, will significantly decrease over pours. By having each individual bottle controlled, you can create a chain of custody from the stock room all the way through to each drink being poured, which means more money for your bottom line! Count your bottles before and after each bartender shift. Keep track of what you have out for them to use, and keep the rest of your inventory locked away.

You need to decide how you will monitor over pouring. Some monitoring can be successfully completed using the 2TouchPOS system. However if you have a tighter more precise process in mind; 2TouchPOS has a method that will open a pathway for you to work with a 3rd party inventory specialist who can monitor your liquor and report to you using more sophisticated methods. It is up to you how closely you need to monitor your establishment. Talk to one of our Account Managers they can tell you more about how using 2TouchPOS will help you establish controls.

What 2TouchPOS already does might be enough for your establishment. 2TouchPOS provides a quantity countdown feature for quantifiable items. 2TouchPOS provides an accurate sales history that can be compared to the quantities used. In this age of recycling bottles, you can save bottles at the end of the night count them and compare consumption to starting inventories.

Review the history, review the employee closing reports and sales information and compare and contrast your data. Involve your staff; if they know that you are watching and using the 2TouchPOS system history to verify quantities, the process should stop the problem of over pouring. If you know that your employees are over pouring tell them they need to STOP! Show them the hard data, and don’t let your profits go down the drain!


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